Chisnallwood Intermediate School

Chisnallwood Intermediate School

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Often referred to as “Chissy”, Chisnallwood was first established in 1967 to meet the needs of the Baby Boomers and the post war period of population growth. The school grew to a roll of approximately 950 in the 1980s before dropping back to below 400 in the 1990s. A period of consolidation followed while new programmes were initiated and as the school went through a substantial phase of development.

Building programmes and emphasis on staffing and resourcing alerted the community that something interesting was happening in the late 1990s and by 2004 the roll had again grown to an all-time high of over 960. In 2005 an enrolment scheme was introduced limiting numbers to 815, a number that meets the needs of both the community and the dynamics of the school campus.

Event – Survival

In 2013, Education Minister Hekia Parata did make a plan to close Avondale, Chisnallwood, Wainoni, Aranui primary schools, and Aranui High School, and put them together and to create a new $40 million 1000-pupil super school in Aranui.

But she finally made one concession from her original plan – sparing Chisnallwood Intermediate. Chisnallwood, which has the highest decile level of the five schools, arguably fought the hardest for its survival, hiring a market research firm, holding community rallies and producing a 96-page argument on why it should stay.

Chisnallwood today

Chisnallwood Intermediate is a large Intermediate school in the East side of Christchurch. With a proud history of tradition and values, Chisnallwood provides innovative and vibrant learning opportunities for all who become part of this rich learning community. Drawing on contributing schools from all over Eastern Christchurch and beyond, Chisnallwood is a special place. Chisnallwood is a highly resourced school of opportunity where success is valued and where children are encouraged to be proud of who they are as they find their place in this ever-changing world.

Chisnallwood have specialists’ programmes in a number of areas e.g. Music, Technology, IT, Science, Arts, Physical Education and Outdoor Education.  

Chisnallwood is currently in an exciting stage of development and rejuvenation, where the best teaching practise combines with the most up to date I.T. infrastructure, in a learning environment specific to pre-adolescent children.

Our technology curriculum is exciting and vast. The options we offer have been further advanced by an investment in technology that will enrich the learning opportunities for 21st-century learners. Added to that is the Science programme we offer with a specialist science teacher.

The Chisnallwood Music programme is acknowledged nationally and internationally. In a purpose-built facility (Performing Arts Centre) the programme combines high-end technology and generous resourcing.

Our Sports and Physical Education programme is ever increasing. We cater for a wide range of sports and students take great pride in representing Chisnallwood. Sports development is offered for the elite athletes.

International Education

Chisnallwood Intermediate is a government registered co-educational day school specifically designed to prepare New Zealand and international students for Secondary School. Located in the Eastern suburbs of Christchurch, the school is only minutes from the beach, City Centre and numerous golf courses and parks. Chisnallwood has a long history of providing quality education and tourism to international students from around the globe.. Students are provided with expert English language tuition and many opportunities to practice English in conversation. In addition, students are supported in reaching their potential in the New Zealand Curriculum using modern resources and facilities. Chisnallwood Intermediate has an award winning music department and offers opportunities to study music while developing English fluency.